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Posted July 8, 2021

Lambing season is quickly approaching but there’s still plenty of time to ensure ewes are receiving all the nutrients they need to maintain their health as they produce high quality, meat-producing lambs.


In last month’s article, we discussed how the nutritional value of pastures for cattle is on the decline due to seasonal changes. So it’s logical to assume sheep will also struggle to maintain a good level of nutrition on pastures alone, especially when their needs change in the lead up to lambing season.
With medium protein and moderate energy, Riverina’s specially engineered Ruminant Pellet for sheep and lambs is designed to supplement poor pasture quality by adding essential vitamins and minerals back into their diet. This supplementary feed is a well-balanced product that is safer to feed, when compared to a high grain diet.
When supplemented with Ruminant Pellets, producers can expect to see an increase in milk production in ewes resulting in more reliable lambs with better lambing rates. Supplementary feeding also helps ewes cycle faster back into reproduction by reaching their optimal health levels faster.
As the Spring and Summer months approach, lambs can then be moved onto Riverina’s Lamb Feedlot Pellet contain an adequate amount of energy and in particular starch to support rapid growth of lambs from 20kg onwards, helping them reach a saleable weight faster. The high protein mixture with a balance of essential vitamins and minerals are included for this stage of production to help with immunity, growth and maintenance, ensuring high quality lambs.
AcidBuf is added to prevent acidosis on this high grain pellet, but always ensure there is enough roughage available especially in early stages of feeding.
Muscle growth and development will come from good sources of vegetable protein in this pellet and a low level of urea is added to provide a quick source of protein to the rumen microbes to help utilise energy.
These Riverina products are manufactured to strict quality control standards for both incoming raw materials and the finished product. They are formulated in accordance with current research into ruminant nutrition and mixed using a variety of quality raw materials.
For more information, customers can view our products here or contact us through your local Riverina branch.


Glen Whitton is a ruminant specialist and has been a Territory Sales Manager at Riverina Stockfeeds Australia for 18 years.

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