Dairy Cattle

Methane - Not Just Hot Air

With the topic of methane reduction being widely discussed in both Australia and internationally, the Riverina Stockfeeds Nutrition Team has provided…

Directions for Use of Liquid Pasture Supplements

Riverina Pasture Supplements are designed to be fed when there is an abundant supply of roughage available.

Notes on Feedlotting Cattle

In order to take advantage of grain-based feedlot rations, small and large feedlot operators must look at all the factors involved with feedlotting.

Heat Stress Management in Dairy Cattle

Heat stress in dairy cows is a challenge that dairy farmers face each year during the warmer months.

Herd your cattle towards healthy gestation

During the cooler seasons, cereal crops and green pastures typically experience a decline in uptake of minerals from the soil

Magnesium Deficiency – Grass Tetany

Cattle store very little magnesium in their body and rely on Magnesium being supplied daily in their feed. If pasture levels are low this can trigger…

Maintaining butterfat

The most common cause of low butterfat is a shortage of roughage leading to acidic conditions in the rumen