Discover Riverina Australia's path to becoming a leading agribusiness in Queensland, New South Wales & internationally.

With nearly 100 years experience (1927-present), Riverina Australia has successfully established itself as an industry leader for animal and stock feed production. Originating in the Riverina district, the organisation has grown to encompass eight branches throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia today.


The Beginning

Riverina is established in the Riverina District of Southern NSW, adjacent to the Wise Brothers flour mill in the township of Narrandera.


Queensland Expansion

Riverina's manufacturing activities extend into QLD at Wallangarra and then Warwick – growing, in the subsequent years, to service both domestic and overseas markets with a complete range of compound stock feeds and feed ingredients.


'No doubt about Riverina'

Featured Advertisement: Centaur (1956)


World Record Ram Sale

Featured Advertisement: The Farmer and Settler (June 14, 1957).


'Leading Breeders'

Featured Advertisement: Centaur (1957).


Quality Stockfeeds

Riverina acquires Quality Stockfeeds based in Loganlea, QLD.

Pictured: Quality Stockfeeds trucks and drivers, 1976.


Welcome Mitsubishi

The company is restructured with the involvement of Mitsubishi Corporation as a shareholder, expanding markets both within Australia and overseas.


Yanco Branch

The company expands its trading operations with the addition of new branch, located in NSW's Riverina region.

Pictured: Onsite at Yanco, 2006.


Riverina Export Award

Article: The Courier Mail, 1993.


Liquid Supplement Plant

A suspension supplement plant is commissioned in Warwick, QLD.

Pictured: Warwick Wet Mill, 1995.


Mitsubishi Ownership

Mitsubishi Corporation becomes 100% owner of Riverina Australia.


Casino Feed Mill

Riverina Stockfeeds officially opens a new feed mill in northern New South Wales, catering to a growing broiler (poultry) industry in the Casino region.


Modern Feed Milling

Casino's modern feed mill signals a new era for Riverina Stockfeeds.

Image: Cover Feature of the Northern Farmer, May 1997.


Burnett Valley Stockfeed

Riverina acquires Burnett Valley Stockfeed, presently known as the Murgon feed mill.

Pictured: Murgon Mill staff Michael Taylor, Wayne Jeffrey & Jenny Braithwaite.


Beefex, 2006

Pictured: Cameron Wright, Tony Grob, Glen Whitton, 2006.


Mackay Expansion

Riverina acquires a second liquid suspension plant in Mackay.

Pictured: Mackay Wet Mill, 2007.


Oakey Expansion

Riverina acquires Better Blend Stock Feeds and a feed mill in Oakey, QLD.

Pictured: The Better Blend operating plant and delivery truck, 2010.


New Leadership

After 21 years as Managing Director, Michael See retires with a wonderful farewell of a popular leader.

David Hunter is appointed as CEO.

Pictured: Michael's Farewell Tour of Riverina branches.


AGREX Merger

A merger between AGREX AUSTRALIA, a Mitsubishi Corporation-owned grain trading and export business, elevates Riverina to new levels. This merger brings with it shares in the Newcastle Agri Terminal - a bulk ship loading facility in the Port of Newcastle, NSW.

Pictured: Aerial view of Newcastle Agri Terminal.

New Managing Director

David Hunter expands his role within Riverina's leadership team.


Strategic Review

A strategic review is performed and decided upon with a focus on: 

  • Growth through M&A
  • Rationalisation of assets 
  • Optimisation of structure, processes and supply chain


Warwick Upgrade

Riverina ceases operations at the Mackay suspension plant, leaving all production to the state-of-the-art facility at Warwick. The relocation of equipment and refinement in transport logistics provides greater efficiency in meeting customer demands.


Market Expansion

Riverina Australia expands market area whilst rationalising assets in existing footprints.

  • Acquisition of AMBOS Stockfeed at Young, NSW.

  • Sale of Newcastle Agri Terminal (NAT) shares.

  • State-of-the-art warehouse and bagging line opened in Oakey, QLD.

  • Loganlea mill closed and land asset sold.

Pictured: Ambos Stockfeeds Acquisition, 2021.


Oakey Warehouse

A state-of-the-art bagging facility is opened early 2022 at Riverina's Oakey mill to further streamline stock feed bagging and distribution processes.


Agribusiness Leader

Today, Riverina Australia is an industry-leading agribusiness based in Brisbane, QLD with operations in Southern QLD, Northern and Southern NSW and Perth, WA.

Riverina Australia continues to evolve whilst remaining committed to delivering quality feeds, grains and proteins to customers around the globe.

Pictured: Riverina's delivery fleet onsite at Murgon.