• Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the specific product information reproduced on this website is accurate at the time of publication. The version on the website may be more current than that appearing in our ‘current’ printed Product Manual. Due to advances in knowledge and feeding technology, availability (or not) of raw materials, Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd may supply products that vary from the information provided. We recommend the user check the directions for use on the bag or product label supplied with the product for the most up to date information, otherwise, contact your sales representative for clarification.

Quality and Assurance

Riverina is committed to the development, manufacture and delivery of products with properties and performance which reflect market demands and satisfy the requirements of our customers.


To achieve this objective, Riverina has implemented and maintains an effective Quality System encompassing all management functions and which conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and FeedSafe®.


As part of its quality system, Riverina

  • Has put in place procedures designed to ensure that only raw materials that meet certain specified physical and/or chemical standards are accepted into any of our feed mills or branches;
  • Has employed qualified nutritionists to ensure every stockfeed we manufacture is suitable for the purpose for which it was designed;
  • Identifies personnel training needs at all levels within the company, encourages self improvement of our employees and provides them with training in quality matters and performance of specific assigned tasks;
  • Has in place procedures and instructions which are under continual review to ensure that manufacturing and operational techniques and activities are improved as necessary and that customer requirements are satisfied; and
  • Ensures that all relevant regulatory requirements, including those related to safety, are met.


Riverina employees at all levels within the organisation are required and committed to supporting these quality objectives.


Environmental Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

To provide useful and current information to relevant partners and authorities (in compliance with Section 153A of the NSW POEO Act 1997) the most recent copy of our PIRMP for our Casino and Young branches are available for download here.


PIRMP Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd – Casino Branch
(Issue 10, June 2022, Size 580KB)

PIRMP Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd – Young Branch
(Issue 5, June 2022, Size 764KB)