Methane - Not Just Hot Air

Posted January 12, 2022

With the topic of methane reduction being widely discussed in both Australia and internationally, the Riverina Stockfeeds Nutrition Team has provided a guide to understanding where methane comes from and how farmers can reduce ruminant methane emissions.


National Australian Small Business Champion Award winners, ProAgni, have made significant leaps in the design, research and development of Australia’s first antibiotic and ionophore-free ruminant feeds and supplements to promote animal health while allowing producers to rely less on antibiotics and growth promoters and utilise feed more efficiently.
Riverina customers can greatly benefit from ProAgni’s successfully trialled and tested products, which are proven to improve animal performance by 20%+ through better feed conversion, therefore increasing profitability. Riverina and ProAgni are excited to offer customers a range of products designed to optimise livestock performance.
Protect C is a pellet-style feed which works with cereal grain to provide cattle with essential nutrients free of antibiotics, including ionophores while Protect S is specifically formulated for Sheep. Both products are available in a finished feed and a concentrated version and aim to increase growth rates and decrease the time taken to reach market specifications.


If you didn’t have to use antibiotics, why would you?
- ProAgni


ProAgni were ranked the 6th most innovative company in the Asia-Pacific region in 2021 by Fast Company Magazine and were the Gold winners of the Edison Awards in Agricultural Innovation in 2020. Their studies are backed by the University of New England to ensure quality feed is developed using their patent pending technology. Their products contain vitamins, trace elements, sulphur containing amino acids, probiotic extracts and plant-based bio actives.
By offering high-quality, sustainable products it’s no surprise ProAgni are also leading the way in providing positive environmental and economic outcomes for producers. They’re committed to addressing key sustainability issues through promises to reduce emissions, ensure food security and contribute to economic growth.
Their strong stance on ethical and sustainable animal production is backed by their products’ ground-breaking ability to accelerate the removal of ingested antibiotics and decrease agriculture’s contribution to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria in humans.
Riverina are excited to offer their customers ProAgni’s state-of-the-art cattle and sheep supplementary feeds and encourage producers to consider their environmental and economic impact.
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