The Riverina Young operation formerly known as AMBOS Stockfeeds is based in the regional country town of Young, located in the south-west slopes region of New South Wales, situated 400km south-west of Sydney. This location puts Riverina in the ideal position to take advantage of one of Australia’s most reliable premium grain growing areas. We are also ideally located to efficiently distribute bulk and bagged livestock feeds throughout NSW and all of Eastern and Southern Australia.

We manufacture grain-based, mineral-based, and fibre-based diets for ruminant livestock and monogastric animal feeding industries and for domestic farm animals. The grains, proteins, minerals and fibre ingredients for our feeds are mainly sourced locally and are carefully selected for the highest quality. We do not use any animal by-product ingredients in our products.

Our Young milling plant has capacity to manufacture a full range of compound feed types including pellets and crumbles, meals and mashes, grain mixes, mineral mixes and blends.

There is another mill site at Cootamundra, about 40km from Young, with capacity to grind forage and fibre materials from bales or bulk, and to combine these with other grain, protein and mineral ingredients and process them into large, safe and easy to use high-fibre feed pellets for livestock feeding.

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Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

To provide useful and current information to relevant partners and authorities (in compliance with Section 153A of the NSW POEO Act 1997) the most recent copy of our PIRMP for the Young branch is available for download here.

PIRMP Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd – Young Branch (Issue 4, June 2021, Size 1.26MB)



Riverina Young
90 Telegraph Road
Young, New South Wales
Australia 2594

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