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Methane — Not Just Hot Air

With the topic of methane reduction being widely discussed in both Australia and internationally, the Riverina Stockfeeds Nutrition Team has provided a guide to understanding where methane comes from and how farmers can reduce ruminant methane emissions. Where does methane come from? Methane is a natural gas that’s produced by microbes through the process of… Read more »

Our Top Picks: Ideal Products for the Upcoming Lambing Season

Lamb among the sheep

Lambing season is quickly approaching but there’s still plenty of time to ensure ewes are receiving all the nutrients they need to maintain their health as they produce high quality, meat-producing lambs. In last month’s article, we discussed how the nutritional value of pastures for cattle is on the decline due to seasonal changes. So… Read more »

Riverina Partners With ProAgni For Antibiotic Free Supplements & Feed

Lady sitting on bike holding two dogs with a bag of ProAgni feed

In 2020, Riverina announced their partnership with agriculture biotech business, ProAgni®, to market their antibiotic-free and methane-reducing livestock feeds and supplements Australia-wide. National Australian Small Business Champion Award winners, ProAgni, have made significant leaps in the design, research and development of Australia’s first antibiotic and ionophore-free ruminant feeds and supplements to promote animal health while… Read more »

Copper Toxicity in Sheep

Sheep are very efficient at absorbing Copper from their diet; however the problem is that they do not excrete excess copper very well. What happens is they gradually accumulate the excess in the liver. When the liver becomes “saturated” it is released and kills the animal. The levels can accumulate gradually or quickly depending on… Read more »