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Methane — Not Just Hot Air

With the topic of methane reduction being widely discussed in both Australia and internationally, the Riverina Stockfeeds Nutrition Team has provided a guide to understanding where methane comes from and how farmers can reduce ruminant methane emissions. Where does methane come from? Methane is a natural gas that’s produced by microbes through the process of… Read more »

Herd your cattle towards healthy gestation

During the cooler seasons, cereal crops and green pastures typically experience a decline in uptake of minerals from the soil. The high moisture content and low dry matter of lush pasture allows feed to pass through the rumen faster, which decreases the animals ability to absorb important nutrients. Availability of essential nutrients declines significantly, particularly… Read more »

Should you Supplement your Cattle Feed this Autumn/Winter?

There have been some great rains this Autumn, the country is looking great and you have a good body of pasture in your paddock. Should you still consider supplementing your cattle feed? As seasons begin to shift, pasture quality starts to decline along with its ability to provide adequate nutritional value for livestock. Autumn and… Read more »

The Importance of Supplementation of Breeding Cows Grazing Winter Pastures

Silhouettes of black cows in winter morning sun through trees with fog, water near the fence

The goal of weaning is to produce a good calf that performs to its genetic potential and to keep the breeding herd in good condition, in order to return to estrus as soon as possible. This can become a challenge when pasture quality is declining and nutritional requirements of animals are changing. A successful outcome… Read more »

Riverina Partners With ProAgni For Antibiotic Free Supplements & Feed

Lady sitting on bike holding two dogs with a bag of ProAgni feed

In 2020, Riverina announced their partnership with agriculture biotech business, ProAgni®, to market their antibiotic-free and methane-reducing livestock feeds and supplements Australia-wide. National Australian Small Business Champion Award winners, ProAgni, have made significant leaps in the design, research and development of Australia’s first antibiotic and ionophore-free ruminant feeds and supplements to promote animal health while… Read more »

Magnesium Deficiency – Grass Tetany

Cattle store very little magnesium in their body and rely on Magnesium being supplied daily in their feed. If pasture levels are low this can trigger a deficiency. Symptoms include: Sudden deaths. Early signs…facial & ear twitching. Become agitated with sounds or movement eg Handling, birds flying overhead. Staggering as it becomes worse. Lying on… Read more »

Dry Stalks and Cattle Don’t Mix

Do not wait till you have only dry stalk to start supplementary feeding. When the leaf falls from the stalk the pasture value is too low to support production and you realistically only have a few options.