Riverina's Winner of 2022 SFMCA Development Award

Posted May 16, 2022

Riverina Stockfeeds would like to congratulate Tosharn Jago on the impressive feat of being crowned Queensland’s 2022 SFMCA Industry Development Award winner.

This award aims to recognise individuals who have the greatest capacity to benefit from its opportunities of personal development, increased value to their employer, and the stock feed industry as a whole.


Run by the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia (SFMCA), this award is held every two years and is presented to five winners with one representative from each state (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA).

“I am very appreciative of the people who thought I would be a good candidate to represent Riverina,” says Queensland winner Tosharn Jago, who joined the Riverina Stockfeeds team in 2018.

Throughout the rigorous selection process, Tosharn’s professional manner, drive and enthusiasm for the stockfeed industry impressed the judges. Tosharn says,

“The application process got me thinking about what I hope to achieve in the future, and it made me realise how passionate I am about the stock feed industry.”

Tosharn continues to impress in her current role as Senior Administration at Riverina’s Warwick branch.

“Tosharn performs her role at a high standard, is constantly seeking alternative methods to streamline and become more efficient whilst managing a team of dedicated co-workers,” says Riverina’s General Manager (Feed Division) Grant Boal. He also commented on Riverina's support of Tosharn's accomplishment, saying:

“We are pleased that the award has gone to someone as dedicated as her. It's a fantastic achievement that she’s well and truly earned.”

The award presentation coincides with the Australasian Milling Conference, providing the winners with an opportunity to attend this event.

As well as the networking and education benefits provided by the conference, winners are offered:

  • Industry recognition through presentation of their award at the 2022 Australasian Milling Conference.
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from interacting with other State Development Award winners.
  • Training on leading people, leading change and customer engagement prior to the conference.

Additionally, winners are provided with a guided study tour of industry mills to expand their connections and knowledge of Australia’s feed milling sector. This tour will include a range of feed mills, premix plants, raw material suppliers, grain handling facilities, livestock producers and end user processors.

“I’m excited to receive the award,” says Tosharn. “The week sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing different facilities in South East Queensland.”

Tosharn is committed to the industry and is excited about the challenges and opportunities Riverina Stockfeeds can provide her. She joins two other previous SFMCA award winners who are now employed within Riverina Australia and are expanding their careers and development within our organisation.

Learn more about the SFMCA and the 2022 Australasian Milling Conference (AMC) below:
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