Primex 2023: How Supplementation Can Help Through Winter

Our Territory Sales Managers Glynn Richards and Josh Wells have been having a fantastic time catching up with our customers and talking about the importance of winter supplementation at this week’s Primex.

This year’s Primex saw more than 25,000 visitors make their way to Casino over three days where they interacted with Australia’s leading agricultural and commercial businesses and organisations. 

“With winter right around the corner, we’ve had a lot of the enquiries about supplementation for breeding stock and how we can help,” Glynn said. 

“Because our calving season starts in the colder months which is when pasture quality declines, farmers are looking for ways to assist their stock through winter.” 

Nutrition is critical to the function of any livestock enterprise - without consistent, high-quality nutrition, animals cannot reach their genetic potential.

Glynn said there had been a lot of interest in first-time calving heifers and the best way to support them nutritionally. 

“Having the first calf is a big event for a heifer. The calf’s birth takes a lot of energy, and more is required for the cow’s recovery and to produce milk for the newly born calf which can be difficult to find when pasture quality has declined,” he said. 

“A lot of producers like to have their calving stock ready within three months after having a calf which is where providing additional protein and energy through supplementation can help them recover and perform.” 

Josh said with prices are coming back at the sales yards, a lot of farmers were debating on selling their weaner calves. 

“Traditionally the markets improve in the springtime but with this decrease in market price, there have been quite a few farmers who are weighing up their options and looking at how supplements can help their calves’ performance over winter for those spring sales,” he said. 

“Weaning can be difficult when pasture quality declines and the nutritional requirements of the animal change, but having a strategic supplementation program can help the weaning calf reach its potential and takes the pressure off the cow, allowing them to gain weight." 

Glynn said the quality of pastures declined quicker on properties on NSW’s eastern coast compared to the paddocks located further west. 

“The soil on NSW’s eastern coast doesn’t have the same amount of minerals compared to their western counterparts, so supplementing pasture quality with dry licks and liquid supplements can help stock perform through winter,” he said. 

Exhibiting at Primex, Josh and Glynn have had our range of quality products on display for beef, dairy, horses, poultry, dogs and more for everyone to handle and inspect. 

“This year’s Primex has been a great opportunity to meet a lot of hobby farmers who are discovering our products and finding out how we can help them,” Josh said. 

“It has been great receiving so much positive feedback from our customers in person and hearing the success they’re having with our products.” 

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