Pony Club Queensland, Major Sponsors


Riverina are proud to support the development of youth horsemanship and competition as a major sponsor of the Pony Club and its associated chapters across Queensland.


Founded in 1955, The Pony Club Association of Queensland has grown to incorporate 225 clubs across the state.

From Boulia in the west, Mossman in the north, and as far south as the NSW border, this organisation is the largest equestrian body in the state with over 10,500 registered members.

With an emphasis on education, self-discipline, safety and family values, the Pony Club has weathered many challenges over the years - flood, drought, equine disease and most recently COVID-19.

Despite these adverse conditions, the organisation has continued to thrive, supporting thousands of young riders across Queensland as they improve their skills, compete in a range of disciplines, and form lifelong bonds through the social nature of the sport.

Riverina shares PCQ’s community spirit, and is proud to support this organisation as it continues to nurture the next generation of riders, leaders and representatives of a long-standing part of Australia’s sporting history.

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