Roseville Corriedales recommends working with Riverina Stockfeeds

AMBOS 16% Lamb Finisher Pellets 

Roseville Corriedales and Kingsvale Supreme Rams Owner Tony Manchester has partnered with Riverina Stockfeeds for 20+ years to fulfil his commitment to breeding prime lambs with desirable carcase shapes and yields.

Working with sheep his whole life, Tony breeds and raises Corriedales and Poll Dorsets from the family farm at Kingsvale, NSW, joining an average of 1000 to 1200 ewes a year.

Only 15km away from Young, Tony says he has been working with the Riverina Stockfeeds Young team since the turn of the century, back when it was formerly known as AMBOS.

“Working with the team, I have been using their AMBOS 16% Lamb Finisher Pellets in a lick feeder to offset the feed that I use,” Tony said. 

“Because of the smaller shape of the pellets, they flow easily through the lick feeder which allows the lambs to get the feed they need without gorging themselves.” 

 Riverina lamb feed is a grain-based pellet designed to supply energy, protein, and minerals for the supplementation of growing and finishing lambs. 

“We’re fiercely proud of what we have achieved with our Corriedales, and we’re always looking to find ways to improve the genetics, to provide our clients with quality sheep,” Tony said.

Following in his father’s footsteps in breeding Corriedales, Tony describes the breed as the original and best dual-purpose sheep for both wool and meat production. 

“Last year we saw an improvement in the percentages of ewes joined, recording 174% in marked lambs." 

“The team know who I am and understand that I am a passionate man about my stock. They're always willing to help me achieve my goals,” Tony said. 

Tony said he recommended working with Riverina Stockfeeds to any producer looking at improving their feeding goals. 

“Having worked with the team for more than 20 years, they’ve helped make my feeding operations more convenient, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business.” 

Riverina Stockfeeds Territory Sales Manager Matt Bolger says it’s satisfying helping customers like Tony to acheive their feed goals.

“Working with our customers, we’re invested in their operations and make sure they receive the information they need to make the right nutritional decisions for their animals and livestock,” Matt said.  

*Photographs courtesy of Roseville Corriedales

 To learn more about Riverina products or nutritional advice, chat with your local Riverina team.

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