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Wagyu (& Wagyu Cross) calf feeding programs with Riverina Wagyu Calf Creep, Riverina Wagyu Calf Weaner, and Riverina Wagyu Calf Grower 

With extreme weather events making it more challenging to source nutritious feed for calves, Macquarie Downs Feedlot General Manager, Anthony Winter, turned to Australia’s trusted partner in premium stock feed to find a consistent source of nutrition for the feedlot's wagyu calves.

Macquarie Downs is a dedicated wagyu feedlot, feeding up to 3800 head and has had a long-term, existing relationship with Riverina Stockfeeds who supply concentrates and many of the raw commodities used in the feedlot ration. 

Over the past 12 years, Southeast Queensland has been subjected to scorching droughts and torrential flooding, all impacting pasture quality which in turn affects the available nutritional feed.

Having an extensive career with cattle, Anthony is no stranger to tough conditions and with Macquarie Downs running about 650 wagyu calves each year, he works diligently to ensure calves receive adequate nutrition to perform well. 

“Over the past five years, we have had extreme weather events with either drought or flooding making it difficult for our calves to get the right amount of nutrients in their feed,” Anthony says.

After speaking with a nutritionist about the best course of action, Anthony met with the Riverina team to find the right solution for his needs. Since then, Anthony has been using Riverina Wagyu Calf Creep, Riverina Wagyu Calf Weaner, and Riverina Wagyu Calf Grower along with custom molasses-based feedlot concentrate supplements.

Anthony has been using several products from Riverina Stockfeeds’ wagyu line to assist the feedlot’s calf feeding program for about five years.

“Riverina’s range has provided our calves with a consistent source of nutrients needed for the calves’ growth and development,” he says. 

Each year Macquarie Downs Feedlot runs about 650 calves, assisting their growth with creep feeding and additional feeding in preparation for weaning.

Riverina Stockfeeds Territory Sales Manager, Tony Grob, says Riverina designed its wagyu calf products to assist with early skeletal growth and rumen development in calves. 

“It’s crucial for development in calves to promote strong growth in their musculoskeletal system to support growth and weight gain as they grow,” says Tony.

Rumen development begins when calves start eating solid feeds that enter the rumen. Developing the rumen early will make the transition to weaning easier for calves.

“The genetics of wagyu cows as a breed lead it to produce small but high nutritional milk yields for their calves, these milk yields can be affected by stress that comes from extreme weather events impacting milk production which leads to cows struggling to sustain calf growth,” Tony says.

“All of the developments that happen for calves at the early stages are crucial for their conditioning and growth in the future.

“Extreme weather events that we see in Southeast Queensland can impact the nutritional gap in calves. Riverina Stockfeeds’ pellets help fill that gap.”  

Mr Winter says he appreciates the professional service Riverina Stockfeeds provides in delivering feed to Macquarie Downs. 

“It’s one less thing we have to think about when running a feedlot.”

*Photographs courtesy of Macquarie Wagyu.  

To learn more about Riverina products or nutritional advice, chat with your local Riverina team. 

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