Big Duck Limousins, Bungendore

Riverina XLR8 Pellets

It takes a lot of work to get calves to grow to their potential before a show which is something Tamsin Hambrook and her daughters Mikayla and Jessica from Big Duck Limousins are all too familiar with but using the right feed can provide the necessary building blocks for growth.  

Big Duck Limousins is a family-owned stud farm that has a focus on quality and good-natured cattle, running around 30 head of Limousin stud cattle, with bulls and breeding cattle at their property at Bungendore, NSW.

Tamsin was first introduced to Riverina XLR8 Pellets at the 2022 Henty Farm Machinery Day when she met the Riverina team.  

“Before our being introduced to Riverina XLR8 Pellets, we were using a generic calf raiser pellet in our feeding program,” she said. 

“The issue we found with generic pellets was that they’re usually designed to be focused on protein, which is great for growth and weight gain, it would be lacking the other dietary elements needed for the animal’s overall health.” 

Riverina XLR8 Pellets are a high protein, high energy feed designed to be fed to growing beef calves from 12 weeks of age. Containing rumen buffers and modifiers, Riverina XLR8 Pellets enhance growth and performance in fed calves.

After her introduction in 2022, Tamsin and Mikayla have been feeding their calves XLR8 for their show prep and are seeing results. 

“Since using XLR8 in our show prep, we have observed considerable weight gain with our calves gaining about 15 to 20kg each week,” Tamsin said. 

With results like that it’s no surprise to learn about the success Big Duck Limousin’s entrants are achieving at shows in NSW and the ACT. Recently Big Duck Limousins entered several bulls into the National Limousin Junior Show taking out first, third, and fourth places for the Class 4 Bull Class (10 months and under 13 months).

Tamsin said they had been using XLR8 Pellets in their weaning process with great results. 

“Weaning can be a stressful time for calves when they’re taken off from their mother’s milk which can lead to calves losing weight,” she said. 

“But we have found that introducing calves to XLR8 during the weaning process provides them with a nutritionally balanced feed that encourages growth, and our calves have all gained weight while they were being weaned.” 

Tamsin said since using XLR8 Pellets in their calf feeding program, they’ve been able to see substantial results in weight gain in their calves. 

“Mikayla and Jessica put a lot of hard work in getting our calves ready for a show and XLR8 helps get our entrants ready for the show ring.”

*Photographs courtesy of Big Duck Limousins.  

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