Use of Suspension Supplements in Feedlots

There are many reasons why Riverina’s suspension supplements should be your choice when mixing feedlot diets for cattle and sheep:

  • They contain a greater range of nutrients and additives;
  • There is limited settling and separation of the product when transported, stored and used correctly;
  • It provides the balanced levels of nutrients and additives.

Reliable, Cost Efficient Feedlot Suspension Supplements

Riverina are able to include a wide range of vitamins, minerals, macro minerals and additives in our suspension supplements.

Strict quality control programs and the use of quality ingredients enables Riverina to produce high quality suspension supplements for your enterprise. We are able to work closely with your nutritional or feedlot adviser to formulate a suspension supplement that will meet your specific requirements.

By utilising our on-staff animal nutritionists, Riverina can work with you to produce a suspension supplement for your livestock. Our technical staff are able to create a suspension supplement to produce a quality balanced grain ration for your cattle or sheep. Furthermore, they can provide valuable advice on the feeding and management of your feedlot cattle and sheep.

Research from the United States indicates that 77 percent of the 26 million cattle on feed every year are fed suspension supplements. The reasons for this are simple:

  • Suspension Supplements are palatable;
  • Dust reduction in the feedlot;
  • Improvements in feed intake and subsequent growth rates;
  • Cost effective for the producer.

Riverina Feedlot Services

As well as liquid supplements, Riverina offers a comprehensive range of services to feedlots, including:

  • Grain and commodity purchasing;
  • Feed manufacturing;
  • Nutritional advice.

Riverina has feed mills located in Casino, Brisbane, Warwick, Oakey, Murgon and Mackay and a Commodity Trading Division at our Head Office in Brisbane. We are able to utilize these resources to source a wide range of grains, protein meals, roughage products and any other ingredients required to meet your requirements.

Riverina’s Technical Services Department is able to offer quality technical advice on feedlotting. You can utilize their knowledge on the grain feeding, growth and management of your livestock.