Technology of Suspension Supplements

Modern technology has resulted in suspension supplements being able to be used for a wide range of applications. These suspension supplements contain balanced vitamin, mineral, energy, protein and can include feed additives such as growth promotants and medications. Apart from the many benefits of using a liquid feed, there are further advantages in selecting a suspension supplement.

Improved Storage and Transport

The use of suspending agents leads to minimal settling out of ingredients when transported and stored correctly. The supplements are available in convenient one tonne modules and in bulk loads of 12 to 50 tonnes.

Technical Services

Riverina offers free nutritional advice to all customers. We can formulate a custom supplement that meets your specific requirements. Our technical personnel will also work closely with your own nutritional or feedlot advisor to create a custom supplement that is most beneficial to your livestock.


  • MINIMISES DUST in the feed
  • Less shrinkage than dry supplements – NO WASTAGE
  • Increases feed PALATABILITY
  • A stable carrier for VITAMINS, MINERALS and FEED ADDITIVES
  • COST SAVINGS over most dry supplements
  • Provides an EVEN DISPERSION of vitamins and minerals throughout your feed when mixed properly
  • High percentage of solids can be included with up to 10% Calcium
  • Minimal separation or settling of the nutrients over extended periods of time when stored correctly
  • A wide range of additives and nutrients can be safely included. Vitamins, trace minerals, macro minerals, protein sources and feed additives
  • Easily custom formulated to your requirements