Shelf Life

Feed Deterioration

Animal feeds and supplements (just like human foods) consist of ingredients that deteriorate over time. These may be organic or vitamins or medications. Many food products and minerals are hygroscopic in nature and may bind or lump together after prolonged storage which will change the appearance of the product.

Organic products made from grain may also show signs of mould after long periods of storage and care should be taken with their use in much the same way as flour in an opened container and opened breakfast cereal can deteriorate.

Best Before

The Best Before date provides customers with information that we have obtained through best practice and incorporates the various warnings from the suppliers of some of these ingredients.

Feed products can be sold after the Best Before date has expired provided the item has been stored correctly and has not been damaged or deteriorated. After this date the product may be less effective due to partial deterioration of vitamins and medications. Care should be taken when using products after the Best Before date.

Please contact our technical personnel if you are in doubt about its fit for purpose.

Expiry Date

Some animal feeds contain medications which are essential for the ongoing health and well being of the animal. Feeds containing medications are clearly marked on each label.

Many medications will deteriorate or become less active over time and this may be accelerated if product is not stored correctly. The Expiry Date is clearly marked on each medicated bag so that customers can be assured of the effectiveness of the products they purchase.