Production of Stockfeed

The science of producing high performance feeds for intensive animal production has developed considerably over recent times. Improvements include:

  • The development of powerful feed formulation packages allowing technical staff to design high performing diets as well as look at a number of ‘what if’ situations;

  • Improved raw material quality which incorporates more stringent assessment upon delivery to processing sites;

  • Improved production techniques which include computerised feedmill control, improved pellet quality and the development of new feeds such as suspension supplements.

In all of Riverina’s processing sites our production process begins with high quality raw materials coupled with sound scientific formulation practices.

The raw materials are blended and further processed to produce a wide range of feed types including both coarse and fine mash blends, fine, medium and coarse feed crumbles and a range of pellets of varying size and length.

We recognise that each customer has individual needs and requirements and we endeavour to satisfy these requirements as closely as possible.

Quality feeds are produced by quality staff and the company is committed to continual training programs that keep both “operators and plant” at the leading edge of animal feed production.

Advances in animal nutrition and feeding also require an ongoing commitment to ensure that process plant can deliver these desired outcomes. Riverina is constantly reviewing and improving its processing techniques to ensure that our products present in such a way to add further value to the process.


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