Antibiotic Free Product Index

Feed is formulated without any antibiotics.

Products marked with (+PCAS) are also available without grain as PCAS approved supplements suitable for use by producers certified under the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System. If you are interested in our range of PCAS approved supplements please refer to our separate index.


Beef Cattle

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Dog Food

Available Without Antibiotics On Request

Can be formulated without any antibiotics for bulk orders.

Comes standard with Rumensin +R but can be formulated and produced without.


Updates/Additions: 1 = Apr 2017, 2 = May 2017, 3 = August 2017, 4 = February 2018, 5 = March 2018, 6 = May 2018, 7 = June 2018, 8 = July 2018, 9 = May 2019, 10 = November 2019

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