Managing Director’s Message

As the Managing Director I am honoured to uphold the company’s values and continue as our mission statement prescribes – ”to serve the needs of the community”. Those words are as important today in our 90th year of operation as they were at the company’s inception.

As the company has continued to grow and expand from its humble beginnings in the Riverina District in 1927, it has had to adapt to the many changes affecting both grain and stockfeed industries. Through this change our focus on serving the needs of our customer base has remained steadfast.

Deregulation of statutory marketing authorities, free trade agreements, government regulation and seasonal changes like floods and droughts have created both opportunities and challenges to which we have been able to meet. Our dedicated staff, with their absolute commitment to customer satisfaction has helped shape the company and position Riverina at the forefront of our industry.

Our branches and trading departments are strategically located to provide a sound marketing base for the Company’s extensive range of products and services. We live and breathe in the local communities in which we operate. Our challenge is to continue to strive for efficiencies that will enable us to pass these savings direct to our customers. As the Company continues to grow we are ever mindful to temper our expansion with the emerging needs of our customers whom we regard as strategic partners.

Export sales of commodities and stockfeed not only link us to the world markets but contribute significantly to the Australian economy. Export centred at our Head Office, continue to promote ‘Australian Made’ products to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, South East Asia and the Pacific rim. Riverina is proud of its export record over many years and its achievements have been recognised by local and overseas government organisations. In October 2017 Riverina and Agrex Australia merged to create a stronger supply chain model further enhancing the link between Australian grain growers to our export customers. With the merger came expertise and a share in the prized asset Newcastle Agri Terminal which provides the most efficient path to bulk vessels headed to end users around the globe.

Commodity price movements and a fluctuating currency will continue to provide mixed returns to farmers and intensive animal feeders alike. As an industry, we have to work smarter and be more attentive to the individual requirements of our client base to ensure that we deliver “best value” for goods or services we provide. We always welcome the opportunity for constructive feedback as this helps our organisation remain dynamic in its pursuit to providing “best service” every time.

As part of the food supply chain, we acknowledge the potential of the industries that we service and embrace the challenges that lie before us. We are proud of our Quality Assurance programs and the continued commitment to ensure our customers satisfaction. Our shareholders and staff have a firm commitment to growing our business “hand in hand” with other members of the agricultural community that we have come to rely upon as business partners. We are proud to be a part of the industry and I thank our staff and customers for their continued support.

David Hunter,
Managing Director