2017 National Farm Safety Week – Riverina Safety Awareness

This week in Australia we recognise 2017 National Farm Safety Week, a week promoted by Farmsafe Australia Incorporated. This is an important week in our industry as injuries sustained on farms are a real problem. We all need to be more aware of this and consider the safety concerns before action takes place. According to Farmsafe Australia, last year 63 persons died from accidental death on Australian farms. Safework Australia prepared and published a report that found that males are more susceptible to be the ones injured – accounting for 92% of the fatalities, 85% of the hospitalisations and 77% of the workers’ compensation claims in the Australian agricultural industry.

At Riverina, we are dedicated to the safety of our workers and our customers, whether interacting with the land or simply delivering feed – and we want to promote awareness of this to other agricultural companies and workers. There are many great tips that can be found on the Farmsafe Australia Incorporated website and you can visit their National Farm Safety Week section as well. The ‘week’ may be over soon, but why should it just be a week? We believe that safety is always relevant. We encourage you to review your equipment and processes and see if there are ways you can improve, and pass the word on!

Keep an eye out for family member’s and visitors to your property or site. They may not be as aware of potential dangers as those that are in this environment every day. Who knows, you might safe a life. Help avoid any unnecessary injuries or deaths. Be safe, hard workers!