2017 AWA Conference & Tour

Riverina’s Gerhard Oberholzer and Glen Whitton working the Riverina Stand

Riverina has been a gold/silver sponsor for the last 10 years and has grown with the Australian Wagyu Association (AWA). Currently, from 1-5 May we are showing our continued support with our own display at the 2017 AWA Conference and Tour at the Albury Entertainment Centre. Stop by, say hello and learn more about Australian Wagyu Beef!

Our involvement with AWA has in turn made us a preferred supplier of several of our specialised products. The reason our products are in high demand is because AWA breeders are increasingly appreciating the immense benefits that proper nutrition has on Wagyu genetics.

This has been our busiest year at the event. We have a full range of products including Wagyu Calf Creep Crumbles, Wagyu Calf Weaner Pellets and Wagyu Calf Grower Pellets. We also have our traditional liquid pasture supplements Truegraz® Gold and Backgrounder Select®, which are increasingly gaining demand.

Truegraz® Gold and Backgrounder Select® are registered trademarks of Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd.