Month: June 2016

Copper Toxicity in Sheep

Sheep are very efficient at absorbing Copper from their diet; however the problem is that they do not excrete excess copper very well. What happens is they gradually accumulate the excess in the liver. When the liver becomes “saturated” it is released and kills the animal. The levels can accumulate gradually or quickly depending on… Read more »

Maintaining butterfat

The most common cause of low butterfat is a shortage of roughage leading to acidic conditions in the rumen. Roughage keeps the cow chewing her cud and in doing so she id producing copious quantities of saliva containing bicarbonate which buffers the rumen. The amount of bicarb you can add in the feed can be… Read more »

Dry Stalks and Cattle Don’t Mix

Do not wait till you have only dry stalk to start supplementary feeding. When the leaf falls from the stalk the pasture value is too low to support production and you realistically only have a few options.

Introducing our new CEO

Riverina are pleased to announce the appointment of David Hunter as CEO. David commenced in this role on Monday 18th April. David was formerly employed with the company as General Manager – Manufacturing Division and has a long history in Agribusiness in cotton, beef and the merchant business. We welcome David and wish all the… Read more »

We’ve moved!

After 23 years at Donkin st West End looking north across the river to Coronation Drive, Riverina (Australia ) P/L has moved our head office location across the river. We are now located at :- Level 7, 303 Coronation Drive Milton, 4064. All phone numbers remain the same, however our Fax numbers have changed –… Read more »