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Symbols or icons with a green circle have been added at the bottom right of each page to identify species for which the product has been specifically formulated.

Sample species icon for cattle. This symbol indicates that this feed is specifically formulated for cattle.

Icons/symbols in red indicate that this feed must not be used for that species - in this case cattle. The feed is unsuitable and may harm animals of that species.

This symbol/icon indicates that the feed should specifically restricted to the identified species.

This symbol/icon identifies feed that cannot be fed to ruminants. Typically these are feeds containing meat and/or bone meal, or medications that adversely affect ruminants.

This symbol/icon is used to identify feeds that have no specific green species icon or are more generic in nature. Follow the directions for use.

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Product Description

Molasses is a by-product of the sugar cane industry. Blackstrap molasses or final molasses is the by-product from which the maximum amount of sugar has been extracted. Blackstrap molasses is usually diluted with water to a standard brix of 79.5 degrees.

The brix value indicates the specific gravity of the molasses in degrees. At 79.5 degrees brix molasses weighs 1.39 kg per litre. The undiluted blackstrap molasses is usually between 79 and 85 degrees brix.

Nutritionally, molasses is used as an energy source. Its protein level is low. Molasses is a useful ingredient for improving the palatability of the diet, reducing the dustiness and serving as a binder. It also has a laxative effect.

Pack Size

1 tonne module, 12t or 26t bulk tanker.

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