Oakey Branch

The Oakey Branch is located in the centre of the Darling Downs, 30kms west of Toowoomba. Since its establishment in the mid 1970’s, the branch has established three main activities:

  • Merchandise sales and distribution centre;
  • Grain and birdseed marketing;
  • Cotton seed packing for export.

The merchandise sales and distribution centre supplies the company’s manufactured bagged stock feeds, protein meals, grains and birdseeds to produce merchants and pastoral houses located in rural centres throughout Queensland. The Darling Downs produces a large percentage of Queensland’s grain sorghum, barley, wheat, millets, soybeans, chick peas, mung beans and cotton. These commodities form the nucleus of a successful grain trading operation with direct acquisition from farmers. This enables Riverina to supply both the domestic and export markets with many of these products.

In 1990 a modern cotton seed packing plant was built, keeping in line with the rapidly growing cotton industry on the Darling Downs. Cotton seed is acquired from growers and packed in bags and bulk containers for export to Japan and Korea. It is also used successfully in the local feedlot and dairy industries and has proven an excellent feed in drought times due to its high oil and protein content.

In 2010 the company acquired the seed grading business of A&B Grains. With the addition of a grading plant to complement our trading operations, we can now supply bulk and bagged machine dressed grain, seeds and pulses to both domestic and export markets.

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Riverina Oakey Branch
19 Cory Street
Oakey, Queensland
Australia 4401

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