Oakey Mill

The Oakey Mill is located almost adjacent to our Oakey Trading branch in Oakey, QLD. Oakey is the centre of the Darling Downs, 30km west of Toowoomba.

Oakey Mill is the newest member of our Feed Division, purchased in September 2010 (formerly Better Blend Stockfeeds). Better Blend Stockfeeds was established in 1992 and forged a presence in the market servicing the western and inner Darling Downs. Since Riverina’s ownership the company has further invested in state of the art equipment to further improve the quality of products manufactured.

The addition of the Oakey Mill to Riverina’s Feed Division complements our existing feed supply model. With feed mills at Murgon, Oakey and Warwick Riverina has the ability to service the customers from any part of the Darling Downs region with the most cost effective options available.

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Riverina Oakey Mill
9 Queen Street
Oakey, Queensland
Australia 4401

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